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Gutter Cleaning In Walsall

Gutter cleaning in Walsall – our gutter vacuum system can access areas that previously would be extremely difficult such as above conservatories or at heights, removing dry leaves, moss and other debris that can quickly build up.

Gutter Cleaning

Are your gutters clogged up with years of grime, soil and silt? Can't reach the gutters to clean them yourself? Luckily we have a proven track record of being the best! We offer the most advanced and highest quality gutter cleaning service available.

Our gutter vacuum system can access areas that previously would be extremely difficult using dangerous ladders, expensive scaffolding or powered access systems. Without any need for any of these we can safely empty and clean gutters removing dry leaves, moss and other debris which can quickly add up causing blockages and much bigger problems.

We use the new high level, wet and dry vacuum cleaning and inspection system which enables trade teams to operate the telescopic equipment from ground level. The system has a camera and viewing screen attached giving the ability to inspect the roof and gutters at the same time, providing photographic evidence of the end result or any potential roofing issues. 

We deliver this service to residential, commercial and industrial properties up to four storey level.

Defective guttering can be the source of many sorts of damp problems in the structure of a building. If the guttering is not properly maintained the water can run down the outside wall or the dirt/debris can build up in the gutter, causing the gutter to clog up, eventually causing extensive damage to your property.

Whether you have a small domestic property or a larger commercial premises, our prices are affordable and very cost effective.



What is you turn around time?

Typically all jobs are completed within a maximum of 7 days from the date of the booking, however, depending on your availability we may be able to complete the job within as little as 24 hours.

Do you just clean high guttering?

No, although our system is ideal for those hard to reach and high gutters, we can also cater for the everyday home, with guttering at low level, from a bungalow, 2 storey house to a 4 storey building.

Will i have to wait in all day?

No, we work to a strict timed appointment and never "fit someone in" as this in unfair and just pushes everyone back so be rest assured, the time you book is the time we arrive.

If my neighbour books too, will we get a discount?

Sure thing, if you book us to clean your gutters and one of your neighbours at the same time we will definitely be able to offer you both a discount.

How do i pay you?

We ask for no deposits or upfront payment, but at this time we can only accept cash on the day of the clean.

Do i have to be present?

Yes, as we do not ask for any deposits or upfront payment, you would need to be at the property to ensure payment can be made and also we will need access to a power point, but be rest assured, we endeavour to adhere to all times booked.

Responsive Service

After months of an overflowing gutter causing our external wall to be constantly wet, we gave Dave a call to clear the gutters. He came out the very next day and showed us via the camera just how clogged out gutters were, needless to say they are now as clean as a whistle, no more overflowing gutters and no more damp walls, very responsive service indeed!

Value For Money

I have to have my guttering cleared every 6 months as we live near a park and leaves are a constant issue, which was costing us a small fortune until a friend told me about Dave. I asked for a quote and couldn't believe how cheaper he was than who i was using so we gave Dave a go and he was great, he even used the same system as the other guy just at a fraction of the price!

Height No Problem

We live in a 3 storey town house so have no way of cleaning our guttering ourselves so looked at the most cost-effective options. We contacted West Midland Gutter Cleaning and their long reach cleaning system seemed ideal and also low-cost so we booked them. Very pleased with the service, they were very polite and showed us exactly how much debris they had removed, first class service.

Why Use Us

Minimal Cost

No need to hire expensive access and safety equipment like scaffolding or cherry pickers as we can clean gutters professionally up to 4 storeys high from ground level by one member of staff.

Minimal Time

Taking advantage of being fully mobile on the ground level the is no moving of ladders or access equipment, providing effective cleaning in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods.

Access All Areas

Not being constrained by extensions or conservatories, we can truly access all areas from a safe distance and with our on-board camera we can ensure we don't miss even the most stubborn of debris.

Wet Or Dry

Being able to professionally clean your gutters in both wet and dry conditions enables us to offer the most convenient times to our customers, offering a completely non-weather dependent service.

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